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Buonos dies" to Miranda do Douro

03 Agosto 2016
Portugal has two official languages: Portuguese, spoken by 250 million worldwide, and Mirandese, spoken by 15,000 around the frontier city of Miranda do Douro.
Your first lesson: "buonos dies" means "good morning."
Miranda has been sidelined since 1762 when invading Spaniards blew up a chunk of it and local bigwigs hastily relocated.
Remoteness allowed clifftop Miranda to preserve its language, medieval architecture and unique traditions.
Menfolk perform a war dance dressed in frilly skirts and stripy socks.
Locals venerate a statue of Jesus sporting a top hat.
It's famed for steak -- at Restaurante Balbina they barbeque it on the fireplace.

La Balbina, Rua Rainha Dona Catarina 1, Miranda do Douro 5210-228 Portugal;